What are Electrolytes? What does Electrolytes Do to Our Body?

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What are Electrolytes? What does Electrolytes Do to Our Body? How electrolytesdoes Electrolytes affect the body?

– Electrolytes regulate the fluid levels in your blood plasma and your body.

– Electrolytes keep pH levels of your blood in the normal range (7.35-7.45, slightly alkaline).

– Electrolytes enable contractions of the muscles, including the beating of your heart.

– Electrolytes transmit nerve signals from heart, muscle and nerve cells to other cells.

– Electrolytes help blood to clot.

– Electrolytes help build new tissue.

What Can Cause an Electrolyte Imbalance?

electrolyte imbalanceElectrolyte imbalance happens because of a number of things:

– Electrolyte imbalance is caused from losing fluids from the body resulting from sweating, fever, vomiting too much, or diarrhea.

– Electrolyte imbalance is caused by lack of water consumption or not eating enough.

– Electrolyte imbalance is caused by Chronic respiratory problems, such as emphysema.

– Electrolyte imbalance is caused by having a higher-than-normal blood pH (a condition called metabolic alkalosis).

– Electrolyte imbalance also happens through taking medications such as steroids, diuretics and laxatives.

To avoid electrolyte imbalance, it is important to always stay hydrated and consume foods that are rich in electrolytes. Electrolyte support supplements are considered as well. Lally Naturals Electrolyte Support is a dietary supplement taken before, during and after exercise to help maintain balanced electrolyte levels and prevent muscle cramping. This product is for endurance and other athletes, outdoor workers, or to minimize heat stress in hot conditions.

With the exception of sodium*, it’s not likely that you’ll get too many of any electrolytes from your diet. (The risk may be higher if your kidneys are not working well.)  So always talk to your doctor before you start to take them.

What are Electrolytes? What does Electrolytes Do to Our Body? How does Electrolytes affect the body?

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