Benefits of Turmeric for Thyroid Disorders

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December 9, 2017
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December 9, 2017
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There are lots of benefits from Turmeric for Thyroid. Your endocrine system is a group of organs interconnected with each other which secrete hormones. These hormones are responsible for your growth, metabolism, sleep, etc. Your Thyroid Gland is the largest organ that belongs to the endocrine system. The thyroid gland is under the control of your pituitary glands, or in other words, the ‘master gland.”

Benefits of Turmeric towards Thyroid Disorders

1. Turmeric can help be an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Curcumin in turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties. It can act on both enzymes, COX & LOX. This is to help control the spreading of inflammation without causing gastric & liver toxicity or any harmful side effects. Other NSAIDS only acts on COX enzymes. Also, curcumin heturmeric-benefitslps regulate and prevent TNF-Alpha & Nuclear Factor-Kappa B from causing inflammation activities.

2. Turmeric can help by being an Antioxidant

Curcumin and other components found in turmeric have antioxidant properties. Studies have been shown that turmeric’s antioxidant can be as effective as Vitamins C & E when it comes to hypothyroidism.

3. Turmeric can help Benefit Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism occurs when your thyroid hormone levels are higher than normal. It can cause an imbalance between your body’s prooxidant and antioxidant levels. Hyperthyroidism is known to disrupt your liver’s function by affecting your liver enzyme’s levels. Curcumin is found to help in reducing liver damage and help in its restoration. Curcumin is also found to help in protecting and help restoring your kidney functions.

4. Turmeric can help Benefit Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism occur when your thyroid glands are no longer producing the required thyroid hormones. A study has shown that curcumin in turmeric helps increase your thyroid gland’s production of thyroid hormones.

5. Turmeric can help Reduce Risk of having Goitre

Including turmeric in your everyday diet can help reduce your risk of having Goitre. Researches have recommended to include turmeric in your diet when you are experiencing Goitre development for it to be reduced and prevented.

6. Turmeric can help Regulate Immune Responses

Some thyroid disorders like Graves Disease and Hashimoto’s disease can be prevented. Curcumin helps regulate your immune cells to help prevent thyroid disorders.

7. Turmeric can help and benefit to Thyroid Cancer

Curcumin and Turmeric has natural properties that can help in preventing the growth of tumors. In result, this would help reduce and aid in thyroid cancer. It manipulates a number of biochemical pathways to help prevent the development of thyroid cancer.

It is highly recommended that you add turmeric in your daily diet. Turmeric Dietary Supplements are extremely safe if.

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