The Benefits from Black Seed Capsules

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March 5, 2018
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Black seed capsules widely known as “a cure for every disease except death”, is also known as black cumin oil. It is scientifically known as Nigella sativa and has a history of many uses. For thousands of years been used either topically or orally for any ailment and as spice used in pastries and other foods.

Benefits from Black Seed Capsules

Fights Bacterial Infections. Black seed capsules aids in fighting bacterial infections including MRSA, a drug resistant bacteria also known as super bugs.

Skin Health and Hair Groblack-seed-capsuleswth. Black seed capsules are topically used to soften, firm and strengthen skin and it also help increase growth of hair. It is also useful in preventing scar formation on wounds. It is applied topically when the wound starts to heal to help the wound heal properly.

Relieves Asthma and Allergies. Black seed capsules helps relieve both respiratory symptoms and eczema. It has anti-asthmatic effects and is said to be more beneficial in relieving allergies.

Eczema and Psoriasis. Black seed oil helps sooth inflammation and aids in improving the speed of healing skin wounds. It is also used for skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.

Relieves Indigestion and Heartburn. Black seed oil is said to relieve and reduce infection from the bacterium that can lead to ulcers. It also helps relieve dyspepsia symptoms which is the combination of indigestion and/or heartburn. It aids in digestion and decrease gas, bloating and stomach pain. Black seed oil also aids in the remedy of intestinal parasites.

Cancer Cell Death. The thymoquinone compound found in black seeds and oil aids in inducing cell death or apoptosis in leukemia cells, breast cancer cells, brain tumor cells, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer and oral cancer cells. It is also helpful as a natural protection against radiation.

black seed capsulesHeart Health. Thymoquinone in black seeds helps in promoting healthy heart, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and aids in managing blood pressure.

Supports Immune Health. Black seed contains antioxidants and beneficial acids and B-vitamins. It is helpful in balancing the immune system by increasing the immune function. Black seed oil helps in reducing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms like swollen joints and morning stiffness.

Improves Memory. Taking black seed oil daily helps improve attention and memory. And has the potential of preventing or slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

Enhances Men’s Fertility. Black seed oil is said to be effective in treating male infertility. It helps improve sperm count and other fertility problems.

Black seed capsules has an active ingredient called thymoquinone that is believed to have anticancer effects. It becomes rancid easily if not processed and packaged properly. It is best to get an organic product that contains no additives or diluting oils to attain its best effect on your health. Use a high quality black seed oil that can be used not only orally but also topically.

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