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Nigella sativa Plantblack-cumin-seed-oil, also popularly known as Black Cumin, is a hardy annual plant. Hardy annual plants are kinds that can slightly handle the cold weather which makes it okay to grow Nigella sativa plants during fall and late spring time.  It can grow from 8 inches until 12 inches tall, has five petals which are about one-inch wide. This beautiful plant occasionally grows flowers that are white, blue, or purple, and it blooms for quite longer periods, usually appears during summer time, and September. Nigella sativa is commonly found somewhere in Asia, Europe, and as well in the Middle East. The flowers then produce brown seed pods which contain a lot of tiny, aromatic black seeds.

Nigella sativa is really easy to plant, and it grows quickly. You’ll be able to gather lots of black cumin seed in no time.


Start Planting its Seed Inside Your House

Check the calendar and make sure that start to seed indoors from around, more or less, five weeks before the nearest light freeze season.

  • Start with filling small pots with moist seed compost, then add four to five seeds of Nigella sativa.
  • Sprinkle a slight layer of vermiculite (or perlite) after adding the seeds.
  • Spray it with a little water, cover with a plastic wrap to keep it moist.
  • Maintain its temperature only between sixty-five degrees and seventy degrees.
  • After one or two weeks, germination will occur. Take not that light can slow down germination, then it will start growing leaves. When this happens, this is when you move the pots where it can get indirect sunlight.
  • Wait until the frost season to pass, then move the plants somewhere (like a deck) it can gradually adjust the outdoors before you completely transfer it outdoors.

Start to Plant and Transfer It Outdoors

  • Choose where to put it and take into consideration that the plant will need a full sun exposure. Because, it needs a sort of soil which can efficiently drain fast.
  • Right after the danger of frost has gone away, you can now start transferring the plant to the ground.
  • Sow together three or four seeds. Make sure to maintain the soils moistness, and void it from being really wet.
  • The seeds will start to germinate in two weeks.

nigella-sativa-capsulesRegularly Watering the Plants and Add Fertilizer

  • If it is not raining as often, make sure that the soil does not dry out by watering it regularly.
  • Add liquid fertilizer (4-12-4 formula). Mix together two gallons of water & four tablespoons of the fertilizer. Then start pouring a cup on the soil of the plants.
  • Continue pouring fertilizer every seven days.

Deadhead the Plants & Harvesting

  • This is the process of removing or clipping off dead flower heads (or when you think they are starting to fade) to make it bloom even more.
  • In most cases, will start to produce flowers during summer time (June and/or July.)
  • You can already start harvesting the seeds. Make sure you leave spent flowers as is, allowing it to form seed pods and it will self-seed.
  • In harvesting, allow the pods to completely dry out inside a paper bag. Cut the stems next.
  • Then hang the paper bag upside down, wait for the seeds to drop into the paper bag.
  • Always keep it dry. Store in an airtight container.

Enjoy all the black cumin seeds. You can use it for a lot of things. You can also take advantage of its various benefits from taking in Nigella sativa plant supplements.

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