Kidney Infection Symptoms

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A kidney infection involves the infection of the urinary tract that starts from the urethra or bladder and then it makes its way to one or both to the kidneys.

Kidney Infection Symptomskidney infection symptoms

A few of the most common kidney infection symptoms are the following:

  • High-fever
  • Getting frequent chills
  • Back pain, side pain, or pain on the groin
  • Urinating frequently than normal
  • Feels pain or having difficulty in urinating
  • Feeling nauseous and wants to vomit
  • Unusual bad smell of urine or is cloudy

If the kidney infection symptoms are showing, then it requires immediate medical attention. Without seeking treatment, an infection like this will permanently damage the kidneys or the bacteria causing the infection may travel to your bloodstream and can create a more life-threatening disease.

Causes of Kidney Infection

Having bad bacteria enter the urinary tract by going through the tube where urine is carried from the urethra can make its way to the kidneys and multiply and causing to trigger the infection.

Bacteria from infections from other parts of the body can also be travel and spread through the bloodstream, but this only happens rarely on cases when a person has artificial joints or has a heart valve that gets infected.

kidney infection symptomsHow to Prevent Kidney Infection

-Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily or other healthy fluids – like cranberry juice, lemon juice, etc. – to help flush out bacteria from the body.

-Go urinate after having intercourse to clear bacteria from the urethra.

-Immediately urinate when you already feel like it and avoid holding it in especially for long periods.

-Wipe carefully front to back after urinating and after bowel movement to help stop bacteria to spread to the urethra.

-Taking in other helpful natural remedies that can help detoxify the body from bacteria.

Experiencing the kidney infection symptoms is already a warning and can be prevented by taking care of your body. Lally Naturals Kidney Support Supplement contains organic cranberry and a unique blend of herbs that have been used to cleanse and detox the kidneys since ancient times. Organic cranberry, which is rich in phytonutrients, helps prevent and treat urinary tract infections in addition to helping to prevent kidney stones.

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