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February 28, 2016
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The iodine skin test plainly measures how quickly your body holds or absorbs iodine.

A body that is deficient in iodine may experience health complications.

Iodine is viewed as one step of hypothyroid treatment. Getting sufficient Iodine could be the perfect hypothyroid program toiodine-skin-test return to health.

Yet again, this isn’t the best substitute for a clinically performed test that will truly gage your iodine levels unequivocally. In spite of the omnipresence of the iodine patch test, no examination supports its ability to gage iodine levels.

That being said, here are the steps to perform it:

  1. Procure a bottle or tincture of iodine (the orange course of action, not the unmistakable one.
  2. Paint a 3-inch by 3-creep square on your midriff, internal thigh or inside lower arm. Let it completely dry before being in contact with anything, as it will recolor.
  3. Observe the patch for the next 24 hours for shading changes.

Promoters of the test acknowledge that the thing to pay thought on is to what degree it takes for the iodine patch to vanish. In case the patch still exists 24 hours a brief time frame later, the results are standard.

In case the patch vanishes or all things considered vanishes in less than 24 hours, it ought to exhibit some level of need.

If the spot disappears or is noticeable lighter in less than 18 hours, it would indicate a deficiency of moderate to severe degree.

Please note: The issue with this iodine skin test is that it’s not 100% tried and true and doesn’t give a wide viewpoint of your iodine levels as could a test by a certified clinic.

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