Flaxseed Oil Benefits for Children

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February 15, 2018
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Flasxseed can be beneficial to both adults and children. Flaxseed is a plant that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids particularly the alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).  It has high sources of protein and fiber and can be added to any food and as part of your diet.

Flaxseed are now also given to children so they can also benefit from the varied benefits it has to offer. It can be added to their breakfast and to their salad to they can also be benefitted from its effects on health.

Flaxseed Benefits For Children

Boost Immunity. The essential fatty acid in flaxseed affects the white blood cells of the body and help the immune system and helping the body fight disease. Flaxseed can help strengthen and develop the body’s immune defense system if added to your child’s diet.

Muscle and Bone Development. Protein found in flaxseed oil contributes to the maintenance of muscles and normal bones and helps as well to its development. The protein also helps repair tissues and cells and thus aiding kids-omega-3with bumps and bruises that kids may experience.

Reduce Fatigue. Adding flaxseed oil in your child’s diet will keep them fueled and alert throughout the day. It helps reduce the effect of tiredness and fatigue.

Getting your children to eat flaxseed or include it in their everyday meal is a challenge for parents.  In order for them to achieve the benefits that flaxseed oil has to offer, it can be incorporated in their meals like pancakes during breakfast so it can provide them with slow releasing energy and get them through the day. Flaxseed may also be added to their smoothies and milkshakes for the calcium they much need.

Flaxseed can be incorporated to almost any food. Adult and kids alike may benefit from their nutritional power.

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