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March 13, 2016
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March 15, 2016
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It is common for people to be diabetic and not know about it for months. In fact, the number is a resounding 1 in 3 people with type 2 diabetes have no idea that they have it. This is because the early signs of diabetes are not usually easy to understand.

pre-diabetes-symptomsWhen diabetes is discovered in early stages, treatment can be started, and this goes a long way in keeping you healthy. If it goes undetected for about three years, then it is likely to be accompanied by heart diseases. Looking at this, it becomes imperative that you know some of these early signs so that you can get started on treatment on time and also take supplements for diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition that arises when the blood sugar levels spike for some time. As a result, many of its symptoms are similar in both children and adults. Type 1 diabetes starts showing its symptoms quite early and patients can easily be diagnosed in an emergency setting. On the other hand, type 2 progresses slowly, and that explains why it can go undetected for a very long time.

However, below are common signs that you need to look out for.

Increased Frequency of Urination

This is the most common symptom of diabetes. On average, a person pees between 4 to 7 times every day. Therefore, when you notice that you are running to the toilet every other hour, then something is not right. Furthermore, waking up in the middle of the night to pee despite doing so before bed is also a sign of diabetes.

Excediabetes-controlssive Thirst

Are you always drinking fluids both at night and during the day? If you are drinking up more than 4 liters a day and still feel thirty almost immediately, then you will need to go for checkup. Furthermore, the more water you drink, the more times you will pee.

Extreme Hunger

People with diabetes also tend to feel extremely hungry even after eating a meal. This insatiable appetite is for both healthy and unhealthy foods.

Unintentional Weight Loss

Despite eating a lot, someone who has diabetes can still lose weight. Many of them lose between 11 to 22 pounds within a few months. This is even more common with type 1 diabetes due to the quick shutdown of sugar metabolism.


Diabetes that has not yet been detected can leave you feeling tired all the time. People with the condition will feel tired without doing anything that is demanding.

Tingling and Numbness in Extremities

A tingling sensation or numbness in the hands and feet are also common signs of unmanaged diabetes. These two tend to occur early in the morning and can at times feel like a burning sensation.

Blurred Visionearly-sign-of-diabetes

Distorted vision and seeing eye floaters are also associated with diabetes. When you wake up in the morning and feel like you cannot see anything clearly despite being fully awake, then you may need to see a doctor. However, normal vision is restored when blood sugar levels are normalized.

Dry Skin

A dry, itchy skin is a sign of high sugar levels and hormone disruption. This is often accompanied by darkening of the skins around armpits and neck.

Slow Healing Wounds

Someone who has diabetes can have wounds or bruises that take too long to heal. Wounds and cuts that occur on the extremities are usually the most difficult ones to go away due to the high blood sugar.

When you experience any or a combination of these symptoms, you need to see a doctor to be tested for diabetes. Remember, even if the tests are positive for the condition; you can take up medication and different supplements for diabetes to continue living a healthy life.

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