Can High Blood Pressure Cause Headaches?

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July 25, 2016
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High blood pressure causes headaches, myth or fact?

Some studies acknowledge the existence of a relationship between high blood pressure and headaches, while others disagree. Those that disagree call the phenomenon “the myth of symptomatic headaches.”

can-high-blood-pressure-cause-headachesThe most important point people should understand is that High blood pressure is a symptomless condition. The America Heart Association (AHA) agrees that hypertension has no relation to headaches. Research indicates that people with hypertension experience fewer headaches than the general population.

However, high blood pressure cause a condition termed as a hypertensive crisis. Malignant hypertension; the medical term for very high blood pressure, is characterized by blurred vision, chest pain, and nausea.

Research indicates that up to 1% of patients suffering from essential hypertension develop malignant hypertension. The reason for the transformation is unknown.

A normal blood pressure ranges below 140/90 while in a hypertensive crisis the blood pressure shoots to above 180/120. The sudden rise in blood pressure exerts pressure in the cranium resulting in extremely severe headaches that resist painkillers.

Malignant hypertension is an emergency condition that requires immediate medical attention. Patients with hypertension are highly advised to stick to medication, as failure to take a dose could be a cause of this life-threatening condition.


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