Bowel Obstruction: Causes and Treatment

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Bowel obstruction happens when something blocks your large or small intestine. When the bowel is blocked by a large mass of stool this is a common obstruction known as fecal obstruction.  But when the blockage of the bowel is caused by something other than a heard stool, it becomes a serious problem called bowel obstruction.bowel-obstruction

Causes of Bowel Obstruction

Intestinal adhesions.  When fibrous tissues form in the cavity of the abdomen after surgery.

Twisted bowel.   When a part of your bowel is twisted, it prevents anything from passing through.

Inflamed bowel.  Inflamed or swollen bowel may cause obstruction. This is also known as Crohn’s disease.

Hernia.  Scar tissue or a hernia makes it impassable to go through because the bowel becomes too narrow.

Tumor.  A tumor or other growth inside the bowel blocks the passage.

Damaged blood vessels. These can kill bowel tissues.

Paralyzed bowel.  When the muscle walls of the bowel is unable to move, nothing will be moved along.

In older people, cancer, prior surgeries and inflammation can be the reason for bowel obstruction.  And bowel obstruction is more likely to appear in the small intestine. An obstruction may be partial and does not need surgery.  But it may also be complete obstruction and would need intestinal surgery.

Signs and Symptoms

Bowel obstruction result to abdominal pain and cramping which occurs when a portion of the intestine has rupture.

  • Constipation.
  • Loss of appetite or you don’t get hungry
  • Inability to pass gas or have a bowel movement when there is complete obstruction.
  • Diarrhea brought about by partial obstruction.
  • Swollen belly or severe bloating.
  • Throwing up or vomiting which is an early sign of obstruction in the small intestine.


-Whenever abdominal pain gets severe and other symptoms, seek medical help.

-Surgery may be needed to remove the blocked area of the bowel. It is also needed to clear dead tissues.

intestinal-problemsSick people who cannot undergo surgery may use stent as a safe removal of bowel obstruction.  This is done by using wire mesh at the affected area of the bowel and forcing it to open to enable the matter that causes blockage to pass through.

Life-threatening complications may result when bowel obstruction is left untreated. Intestinal obstruction may cutoff blood supply in the intestinal wall, cause tissue death and may perforate it.  The tear in the intestinal wall may lead to peritonitis of infection in the abdominal cavity which is life-threatening and must be attended to medically and surgically.

It is always better to prevent intestinal problems. With proper nutrition, regular exercise, and all-natural supplements, you may decrease the risk of having intestinal problems.

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